Help Prevent Future Pandemics
During Lame Duck

The election is over and on January 20, 2021 the new Congress will be sworn-in. That means that we've officially entered a "Lame Duck" period when legislators who lost their election, or are retiring, are more willing to approve legislation before they leave Congress. Now is the time to highlight important bills that deserve passage in the coming weeks. 

Few pieces of legislation are as important as the One Health Act of 2019. 

COVID-19, like all coronaviruses, began in an animal and was passed on to humans - making it a zoonotic disease. We’ve seen other cases of severe zoonotic outbreaks in the past, including SARS and Ebola. We now know the terrible human, animal, and economic impact of these outbreaks, but how can we better respond in the future? 

The One Health Act is specifically designed to address zoonotic outbreaks. There are several federal agencies whose jurisdictions include disease, animals, agriculture, the environment, and international trade. One Health requires these agencies to create a coordinated plan to prevent and respond to future zoonotic outbreaks. It also requires the agencies to share data, research, and other assets to reduce bureaucratic inefficiency.

Urge Congress to support the One Health Act during Lame Duck so we have a plan to address this new reality.

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