Ask Congress to create
National Animal Rescue Day

Many wonderful therapy animals volunteering today were rescued by their owners from an animal shelter. This is why Pet Partners has taken the official position that “Adopted animals from shelters can make great therapy animals.”

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Unfortunately, 6 million cats and dogs are placed in shelters every year. Half, or more, of these animals will be euthanized. Many of these shelters are also in desperate need of supplies to properly support the overwhelming number of animals in their care. 

Awareness of the need to rescue animals from shelters has increased in recent years, resulting in fewer euthanized animals. But more must be done. This is why Pet Partners is asking you to support H.R. 34, legislation that would create “National Animal Rescue Day” in the United States on the first Saturday of October every year. 

An official day honoring animal adoptions would result in celebrations through adoption events, festivals, and charitable giving which will increase revenues for shelters and pet adoptions - while helping to raise awareness of animal rescue and spaying/neutering pets. 

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Take action today! Urge Congress to pass H.R. 34 and create “National Animal Rescue Day!”

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