Pledge to be Your Animal's Advocate!

Everyday more researchers are proving the health benefit of human-animal interactions…simply put, the love of an animal promotes healing. This truth is the foundation that Pet Partners is built on and we understand the power of the Human Animal Bond. In return, we owe these amazing animals a great deal.

A basic principle of Pet Partners’ therapy animal program is YAYABA: You Are Your Animal’s Best Advocate meaning that the animal’s welfare matters as much as the human who is benefitting from a therapy animal visit. You don’t have to volunteer with your companion animal to advocate for their well-being.

Sign-up and join our thousands of supporters who say:

“I’m healthier because of my pet, so I prioritize my companion animal’s regular medical care.”
“I’ve learned how to read my pet’s body language so I know when he is happy, frightened or anxious.”
“I ‘listen’ to what my animal is telling me and respond to make them feel safe and supported/secure.”
“I make sure my animal gets appropriate physical, mental and emotional stimulation.”

Pet Partners believes that we have a responsibility to advocate for these wonderful creatures. Do you?

Join us – sign the pledge to advocate for companion and therapy animals:

  • I believe…
    • Animals promote healing and wellness when they are happy and healthy.
    • I can advocate for my animal by educating myself about reading their body language.
    • It’s important to prioritize my animal’s medical care because they make me healthier.
    • Pet Partners should advocate for animal welfare when animals are working as a therapy animal.

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