URGENT: Protect the PAWS Act in the Farm Bill

Thanks to your efforts, the provisions in the PAWS Act that protect women and their pets from domestic violence made it into the Senate Farm Bill. This week, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives meet to agree on a final version of the Farm Bill. We must ensure the PAWS Act is in it.

This is our last chance this year to support the PAWS Act - legislation that increases the number of domestic violence shelters that take companion animals and includes protections for pets in restraining orders.

Send your Representative a message asking them to show support for the PAWS Act in the Farm Bill.

The Senate included PAWS Act provisions in their version of the Farm BIll, but the House didn’t. As they negotiate this week, it’s crucial representatives know where you stand. Act now.

Review the message below, then click "Send Your Message."